Acer 2010 problem


i have an acer 2010 with the latest firmware h.kf an winxp. The problem is that almost all cds i burn don’t work. The are on the cd and I can see them in the explorer but they don’t work. All cds are 80min, could it be a problem with that cause if i burn many files the first files can work but the ones at the end are corrupt.
I usually burn in nero but it seems to be the same in all programs

Can someone help??

Your ACER should be able to handle 80 minutes CD-R’s without any problems. However, have you tried using different media and are you using certified 20x media ? It could just be that the CD-R’s you’re currently using don’t work very well with your ACER…

Have you got Nero and e.g. Adapatec installed?

i have tried two diffrent firmware. both xp and win 2k sp2. 5 versions of nero (from the 552x-5554). diffrent speeds from 4x-20x. diffrent media including acer’s own, intenso, kodak.

it seems as the problem is in the end cause i have tried burning a movie taking 700mb. its burns witout failure, it is also possible to copy it back to the hd but when watching it, it doesn’t work. and the “header” in an divx movie is in the end.
an sfv-check tells that the burned and original have diffrent checksum.

I’ve had a similar problem but only because I had Nero 5 and adaptec installed at the same time. So what happend was that it hosed files on the Cd when I used Nero, also it would have problems formatting CD-RW.

But I uninstalled all software and then did a clean installation of Nero 5 and it seemed to have worked.

i have tried with a clean install only win2k, nero, and some drivers for mouse etc.

i can also say i bought in july and it has worked great until approx 2 weeks ago

So that means one of 2 things. Either you’ve installed some software that is affecting your writer or the writer is damaged. I don’t see how the latter can happen.

Have you checked the acer website for eeprom upgrades on your writer?

(extreme) Another way to check is to put your writer in a buddies machine and test it to see if it works. Hopefully your buddy didn’t have any type of writer installed before.
That will confirm whether it’s your writer or your machines software.

I can’t think of any other solutions or ideas. I’m hopeing one of those will work.

Good luck :wink: