ACER 19" LCD monitor $175 AR @ newegg



free shipping and got here in 2 days (gotta love newegg). just received mine today and I’m impressed. you really can’t beat the price. check it out for yourselves!



Great find-eh!!

Only drawback is that it does not have a DVI connection or speakers-

But otherwise a kicka$$ price for a 19" LCD-

(btw - Newegg currently showing $180 after $60 MIR and $10 shipping - so really is $190 - still a good price)



are you serious! crazy newegg and their changing deals. i got this for $175 AR and free shipping and someone who left a review seems to have gotten it for about $145 shipped last week. i wish i had caught this earlier.

better late than never though…still a steal!


I wouldn’t feel bad, I paid $250 at Christmas for a 19" ACER from Newegg. Sometimes I think I shouldn’t ever look at the products I have already bought there, because it makes me sick to see how cheap they get after I have already bought them. :frowning: