Acer 17" Green Tint, HELP PLEASE!

Hey there,
Last night i moved my monitor (an Acer 17") from one room to another so we could lan. I diddnt drop it or anything on the way there, i set it upside down on the sofa for a second but was gentile the whole time. When I turn it on now the screen has an intense and even green tint. I tried Degaussing and that diddnt do anything. However i found out that if i set the monitor upside down then the green tint goes! Just to be clear, what i mean by upside down is the “legs” or base of the monitor are pointing towards the ceeling, the screen is still facing the user. I checked the pins on the plug and they are fine. I opened it up and diddnt see anything obvious. Im not sure whats wrong with it or what i can do to fix it. Any comments or suggestions would be really great!
-Tom :frowning:

Hi :slight_smile:
As you seem correctly to follow the lines of degaussing which the green tint would be indicative of. Although the upside down solution foxes me. I can only suggest that you try degaussing with an iron, I know it sounds crazy but it has worked for me in the past. Obviously the iron must not be held too close.( About 1’)

I had the same positive experience with the iron. Try it.

Good luck.

The upside-down thing sounds like a connection is bad, but …


I’ve seen a grown man (200+Lbs.) thrown clear across a room (20 feet or more) by touching the back of the tube on a monitor. And the monitor was OFF and UNPLUGGED at the time. Those things retain their charge for hours.

Be very careful if you open it, and it is a bad connection. It might even be a cold solder joint. I dunno, unless you know something about electronics, you can KILL yourself poking around in there!!! So, if you don’t know how to tinker safely, DON’T!!! :eek: