Acer 16x10x40 - Doesn't it overburn?



I recently purchased an Acer 16x10x40 drive and have had several problems attempting to overburn CDs. With image files ranging from 701 megs to 757 megs, all attempts to burn them have had a non-successful result. I’m using RCA 16x-speed CD-Rs, but I did try once with the packed-in Acer 16x disc without success.

The strange thing is that the slower I burn, the better the results. At 16x, the burner would finish writing without error, but when attempting to run the game (attempting to copy DC games), it wouldn’t boot. At 2x, the game loaded and a limited amount of music played, but most of the music was borked.

This is a question that’s going to bother me until I find a definite answer. Is it the media I’m using or is it the drive itself?


Well to find that out use the best media and if it still f**ks up then you know its the burner