Acer 1610a

Can the Acer 1610a burner copy PXS and SecuROM protect games? I ask this question because on the Cdclone site it sayes that the Acer 1610a can only read RAW-DAO 94 Subchannel Data, and I have read that your need to be able to wirght RAW-DAO 96 mode to copy PXS and SecuROM protect games, can anyone shed some light on this
Thanks !!!

The ACER writers will write DAO-RAW 94 because these drives will generate their own Q SubChannels. This means that protected PSX titles can be a problem…

But it might not be a problem at all because not all PSX titles are protected. What you do need is a reader that can read the full SubChannels becease the ACER are poor readers… That cannot read the Subs :frowning: