Acer 1208A defcet?


today I bought an Acer 1208A and I tried to write an iso image
to a TDK CD-R74 12x multispeed cd (blue one). I wrote it at 12 x speed, and that didn’t give any errors. When I tried to use that cd I noticed that the data was corrupted…

So again I tried it 8 times speed, same problem. 4 x, still no luck.

It worked when I used a cheap Maxell (which was only certified for 8 x, yet 12 x was problem).

Anything wrong with my drive? Or doesn’t it like TDK cd’s at all?


No, I don’t think your writer is defect.
I have one to. I encounter this problem once in a while and the problem is the media.

I just switched to another brand, and the writer worked flawlessly.

Sometimes it gives me coasters when i try to burn a 80 min Verbatim, and sometimes the verbatim 80min copy work flawlessly.

So when i am making a copy with a 80min verbatim i just reduce the speed to 8x and at that speed i haven’t encountered problems.

I have to go down to 2 x speed to get a working copy. The drive still spins up and down like crazy though.

Do you know of any other brands which are difficult?


Do you have a via chipset?
And if so have you installed the via 4-1 drivers?

The via busmaster drivers that comes with the 4-1 drivers is defect, (according to Feurio System Diagnosis).

After i did a clean winMe install and used the via busmaster drivers that comes with windows.

I suddenly can write at RImax (Fornet) and Verbatim 80min (Mitsubishi) at full speed.

Just wondered, how many post do I have to post until “the Newbie” disappears??

Yup, it’s VIA… but I’m using Win2000 SP2 with the supplied VIA drivers (I didn’t install any VIA updates).

I also have WinME so I will try burning with it.

It’s just strange that the burning programs don’t complain and everything seems to be fine.


About the status. no idea, I just signed up myself :slight_smile:

Well, I tried… and it didn’t work.

It doesn’t like TDK at all… I can only burn them at 1x or 2x speed
(certified for 12x).

Maxell works flawlessly at 12x (even though they are only certified for 8x).


Then it is a media problem then.

Go and buy som Kodaks, I use Kodak Ultima Gold when i can get my hands on them.

They are VERY good.

People say that the TDK’s are good actually. But ok, I will try other brands as well.

Before I had a Philips 4x4x32 which didn’t like the Maxell’s… it would burn them at 2 x, even if I chose 4 x speed (the program would even say that it’s running at 4 x yet it took half an hour).

Now I have a 12 x which can only handle 2 x on good cdr’s but likes the cheap Maxell cdr’s (which I bought for DM12 per box). Funny :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering, I’ll give Kodak a try.


I’ve got a Acer 1208 and I use Samsungs. They seem to work fine, however I have had a lot of trouble writing audio which has been read off from the writer. I usually read to an image from my writer, then burn the image, however this gives me crackles on the final cd. When i write from mp3s from other sources i get no errors so i assume the Acer is a very bad reader. Have you had any problems with this?


Also, the clone list says that the Acer has buffer underrun technology (seamless link), but clnoe itself doesnt recognise it on my machine. Do i have a different type of 1208 drive or is it something else?

The seamless depends on your firmware…

If to have version 9.xA no seamless
If you have 9.xB you can get seamless with a firmware upgrade to 9.EB, 9.GB or now 9.JB
9.xC has seamless out of the box