ACER 1208A and Music CD's



First of all sorry for my English.

I have decided to buy the new ACER CDRW 1208A because is said that is the best burner at the moment and although is a very bad reader a I have the Toshiba XM-6702 for reading. (I am interested on copying copy protected CD’s , Music Cd’s, everything i think)

But two of my friends which have old ACER burners have told me not to buy it because both have problems with music CD’s, they record a second blast on each track while trying to copy music CD’s.

¿Does anybody know if this happens on this ACER Drive? ¿Is it good for music?

Thanks for all.


I used to have an acer 2/2/6 back in the old days and it did everything for me, so…


I have it and have had no problems, especially on the copy proof music CD’s…no problem.


I had a 1208 and didn’t have any special problems with audio cd’s
However, my burner had a very bad laser so 1/2 of the cd’s were unreadable. Some of the drives are very picky on what media you use.

Good luck with it


Thanks to everybody for answering.

I know some recorders only like some media … I have the Philips CDD 4201 and I couldn’t record at 4 speed (maximum speed) because of the media (Princo, and many more…) , although this media was certified to record at 12x at least, but with Verbatim CD’s I have never had any problem.

So It seems this recorder hasn’t this music problem. I think it will be a very good birthday present this month.

Thanks again.