Ace Mega Codec Pack

I know nemo codec packs are bad news, but what about the ace mega codec pack? Is there one or two codecs that can pretty much handle whatever is out there at this time, or is a huge amount necassary?

ace packs are good, but you can try ffdshow also for xvid , divx etc.

k-lite codec pack, which i use now, is very good aslo

either of those freeware?

ffdshow is freeware
and so is k-lite codec pack

I realcant understand why you need to install these Pak’s at all. You get the DivX codec from DivX homesite (free), you get the Xvid codec from Nic’s site (free) and AC3Filter from their home site (free). These 3 codec installed will playback 99.99999% of all DivX available. The more codec’s you install the more chances you have of totally crewing up your system, as the Nimo pack does.

If you just select the 2,3 or 4 codec that you NEED, then the pak’s can be used wisely but just a blatent full install is never a wise step to take.

ChickenMan, are there any other audio/video codecs I should install (freeware/commercial) in order to playback most of the audio/video files? How about MPEG encoders (Ligos LSX 4 any good?) ?
Thanks for all your help!

Hmm… I recognize this issue and to be nice I made a guide about this issue which I got nice feedback from by users. The only downside was that some users missed some setting(s) which made things a bit screwy sometimes so a member of another forum put it all together using NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System).
By default it only installs a few filters/codecs along with pre-defined settings (ffdshow tends to overlap sometimes for instance) which should be suitable in most cases.

It installs following filters/codecs by default:
Kristal Studio Codecs Pack 4.3.3 - Despite the name it’s just DivX 3.11 with a few files updated
AC3-Filter 0.70b - A great freeware filter for playing AC3 audio streams
ffdshow-20030523 - Decodes a bunch of video compression formats including DivX 4.X and DivX 5.0X (only used for DivX 4 and 5).
Koepi’s XviD codec 24-06-03 - Decodes XviD clips and includes WFV compatibility
OggDS 0.995 - Ogg Vorbis decoder
Windows Media Video 9 VCM

You can download it at:

It’s made to be used on a clean system so except odd behavior if you install it on top of another codec pack.

Codec packs are almost always bad news.

That is all,