ACE Mega Codec Pack 6.00 Professional Edition-PR19

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  H-EvA-K and magix used our    news submit   to tell  us about the lastest and greatest release of the ACE Mega CoDecS Pack.  In this 41 megabyte download, you will find...
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Codec Packs are Evil™

and just why are they evil? They’re actually great in my opinion!

I completely agree with “fellip_nectar”. Codec packs are EVIL because they create too much problems and many of these problems has no soution except reinstalling windows.

lol, wasn’t tryin to start an ‘I agree/I disagree’ war. Was just curious as to any solid detailed reasons why they’re bad? All they do is install codecs that are used and so save having to install 100 apps to get those codecs.

you only need about 3/4 codecs to do the things people care about i.e. play movies. installing codec packs is completely needless, i.e. CoDecS- Avid AVI Video CoDec - what the hell is that :slight_smile:

I agree you only need to install a few codecs to get all your divx/xvids to play:) My mate installed the previous 50meg install and all his games kept crashing so he installed Windows again. We only need the small updated codecs:p Greetz Intercept:S

For the vast majority of people, all you need is the latest version of FFD Show. Codec Packs are considered evil by many simply because they more often than not install codec combinations that cause system instability (when playing/previewing browsing multimedia files). It’s also generally more difficult to update codecs. Finally the vast majority of people do not need these codecs. The only codecs I have on my system are FFD Show, ogm, mkv, mpc, ac3 and LAME mp3, coming to a grand total of 4.34mb…and this is much more than the average user would need anyway.

U should put all those together then into a ‘Your essentials codec pack’ :slight_smile: Then people can easily get all the essential codecs. I personally like these as it means I can get the real codecs without installng real - always a big plus not to have to :stuck_out_tongue:

Nila - You want a reason, OK, here goes… Back in the days when the Nimo Codec Pack* was about the only one available, on DirectConnect in chat it would not be uncommon to see something like: “I’ve just downloaded .avi and It won’t play, can someone help?” Those of us who were helpful souls would try to come to the rescue by asking which codecs they had installed which was nearly always met with a response similar to: “Well, I just installed this Nimo Codec Pack* the other day so everything should work, shouldn’t it…” At first, it was thought that it should be fairly simple to guide these poor souls though a quick installation of to fix the problem but pretty much every time a clean install of Windows would turn out to be the only soultion. You see, the problem with codec packs is that they work fine until you try to install an additional codec and/or and update to one of the codecs. Invariably, doing either of these completly screws the pooch. And so, after a while everyone got fed up with trying to help out these unfortunates who had installed Nimo* and a standard reply to such requests became common: “The Nimo Codec Pack* is Evil™” As I stated at the top of this reply, Nimo* was about the only codec pack around at the time but since then they have spread like a cancer and now seem to be left, right and center on all the Video Software/DVD Backup/Filesharing Forums, which only serves to magnify this problem, which is why whenever I see a post concerning a codec pack release, if it has not already been done I will post the same reply I did at the beginning of this thread. * - The Nimo Codec Pack IS Evil™

I just downloaded the ace mega codec pack, I am tring to figure out how to use, and have searched high and low for some directions. can anyone helpme? What I am trying todo is to convert movies I have downloaded from bit comet etc, so that I can put them onto DVD and watch them on my TV. I appreciate any help I can get.

Dic they ever update this pack? I’m using this in conjunction with CCCP because some of the newer videos ACE can’t play. It’d be nice to just use one codec pack.