Accurate Rip

Should I just basically ignore this thing? It keeps saying that it’s not accurately ripped and the disk is spotlessly clean and the CRC is good. Especially for more obscure CDs, what if there is only one guy that uploaded and he is the one that is wrong? And what if they are two editions or something, like one has a slightly longer silence at the beginning and end?

Your concerns are valid - those are possible scenarios why you would consistently get an “inaccurate” rip.

If you’re using EAC, I suggest you perform ripping (copying) as well as testing. If the CRC values match up, there’s almost no chance your rip is inaccurate (except for using the wrong sample offset and that isn’t an audible inaccuracy).

That is what’s happening, I ripped the disk twice and the CRC (4 in total, 2 per rip) are exactly the same. But the logfile keeps saying not confidently ripped for every single track every time. The disk is a rare disk, so this makes me neverous about my disks.

AccurateRip’s a great idea, but sometimes I wonder if there are a bunch of people using it to report CRCs from stuff they downloaded via P2P. Like Drage said, if you have the commercial CD, correctly set your read offset correction in EAC, and rip in secure mode, you now have a 1:1 backup.