Accounting software

can anyone help me with a name of a good accounting software please:bow:

Based on UK accounting rules I assume?

Could have helped you on a Dutch one…

But for what purpose is it, small business, medium business, large business?

Do you need to keep track of stocks, debtors, creditors, do you have members or is it shares, do you want online banking to be included, are you a sales company, or a manufacturing company?

In conclusion, your question leaves me with more questions for you. Please be more specific in your question…this is like asking “Please give me the name of a good car” :confused:

its for a small business, and its mainly for doing the accounts.
many thanks

if u bank with barclays they have a brilliant software package for small buissnes (mind your own business) make some good software, i believe that are more popular in australia, but they make there software for various countries laws/tax systems.

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