Accidently posted in CD!

I am using dvd decryptor to rip to my hard drive. Then when I access the files with clone to dvd, it tells me to insert a recordable dvd. I have tried several new dvd+r and 1 dvd +rw and it will not write. Please help. This is a new problem, I have made several dvd’s doing this before, so this will work, its just giving me problems now.

Do you get an error message? if so what is it?

No error messages, it just tells me to insert a recordable dvd media into the cd drive. I click ok and then write and it gives me the same message again.

If you have more than one cd\dvd drive on your computer make sure you have the DVD drive selected to burn to.

I once had your same problem and realized the cd drive was selected instead of the dvd. I hope it’s that simple for you.

Also make sure you’re not trying to burn at a faster speed than the media you are using is capable of.

Only 1 drive, its not that, and I have the speed set at maximum, so it should choose the fastest speed possible.

Rather than setting it to maximum, try to set it what the media’s maximum burn speed is. If you are using media from a spindle try some others on the spindle and see if corrects the problem. Also make certain you have the latest firmware for your burner.
When manufacturers update firmware, it usually includes adding new media types that the burner will recognize.