Accidentally plugged wrong power adapter into my LDW-851S

I’ve had my DVD writer for about three weeks. This morning I accidently plugged the power adapter to my laptop into my 851S (they look identical, but the laptop adapter is 19V instead of 12V). I didn’t notice anything odd until it suddenly ejected my disc and left the tray hanging halfway open. It was then unresponsive. It wasn’t until later that night that I figured out what happened. I have since switched the adapters, and I can now see the drive in device manager, but the eject button still won’t do anything. The drive is in general unresponsive, although the firewire interface still seems to be working okay. What are my options here? Is there any way I get get my drive fixed? Warranty won’t cover this, will it? Any guess on what it might cost to repair it?

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does it eject if u tell it to eject from a program (explorer for example)?

I once fried a docking station by giving it 9V AC instead of 9V DC. There’s not much you can do to repair toasted hardware.

Whoa! How did you manage that? It couldn’t have been easy… :slight_smile: