Accidentally overwriting CD-R? HELP!


I am not sure where the best place for this msg is. If it’s inapropriate please feel free to move it.

I burned a CD-R by using drag-and-drop with Windows XP (licensed software from Roxio), without fancy CD burning software like Nero or real Roxio. I realized there was more room so I added more to the same CD. But I couldn’t figure out how to add these files so I reopned ‘My Computer’, clicked on the CD and selected “write these files to CD”. Instead of appending these files, I think it somehow overwrote the original file allocation table as now Windows doesn’t see any of the old files on it. But when I turned the CD over I can see two distinct areas, presumbly the 2 separate areas.

Unfortunatley I don’t have backup of the 1st set of files and I was wondering if I could salvage my foolish mistake?

Later I figured out that I had to open the CD first, then choose the “write these files” option. It’s a bit too late for me now. Can anyone help??

Much appreciated!

A CD-R is not re-writeable so your first set of files is still there. I suggest you download ISO Buster and give it a try. It may allow you to see both sessions that you have burned to your CD-R and extract the files back to your hard drive. If it doesn’t work, let us know.

Its true that a cdr is not arewritable but it will write to the disk if it hasnt been closed and is refered to as multisession.

I have a program that is suppose to recover bad files or damaged files from a CD-r or DVD.

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Isobuster should do it for you as it has been already suggested. Try it out. You can get it here