Accesstek OEM DD0401 to Optorite?

I bought a magicspin 8X burner made by Accesstek. The drive, as you can see is an optorite DD0401 rebadged.

Bezel is different, but internals are expected to be the same. Firmware, however, is different as the drive is identified as “Generic 8X IDE DVDRW” instead of “Optorite 8X IDE DVDRW”

This difference prevents the optorite firmware to be used. I found sadly that the OEM firmware is stripped down, with slower writing capabilities and only 1X DVD ripping! Current firmware in the drive is 120E for accestek OEM.

Does anyone know how to make an optorite firmware flash this drive? Has anyone tried to modify a file? How about a .bin image? I think that even if a 110E/120E bin for optorite is available, maybe this van be flashed to the drive and make it “optorite”, then use the normal flasher.

Any help is greately appreciated.



I don’t know the answer to the firmware question…

But, can you burn at 4x or at 8x? I find it hard to believe even a stripped down 8x DVD burner would rip at 1x… have you tried ripping more then one DVD?

Edit: Accoring to the specs here it can rip DVD-ROM at 12x (single layer DVD-ROM). Even a dual layer disc should rip no slower then 4x and most likely at 6x…

Is DMA enabled?

The burner was on the IDE cable:

DMA enabled, XP home SP1, Nforce 3.13 ide drivers, roled back to Ms drivers… no diference.

Later, burner on USB 2.0 enclosure (no DMA setting needed, right?) and same result…