Accessorizing my NEC3500AG



I love my drive, and am using with with L&D’s firmware. As everyone seems to already know, great quality, performance etc…

I currently use a liteon combo (sohc5232) with it. While almost new, I am thinking of replacing it. I’ve seen recommendations, but of course, now that I’m trying to find them, I can’t.

Given the NEC 3500ag, what is a good drive to pair it with? There seems to be a lot of people who like the Benq drive to go with it. The drive must be a good compliment to the NEC… fast ripping, good quality, error checking, etc.

For my purposes, it could be a burner, or just a ROM drive. Is the Benq burner the way to go, or are there better out there?


I would suggest LiteOn, either a combo drive or burner. If you want to do scanning, then the burner.


There is no better burner than the Benq at this moment. Your NEC is in the same league, the Lite-Ons are not, so far. A Benq is a nice accessory for a 3500, you can spend a lot of time deciding which drive burns certain media better. :slight_smile:


I currently use a Liteon Combo SOHC-5232 for the purpose. However, I’ve been told the PI/PIF is not as reliable, and I could use better ripping.


If you have room for a third drive the choice is between AOpen 1648 AAP or Liteon 167T with codeguys firmware. Either of these will improve the ripping close to the max available. Also, if you have to lose your Combo, the AOpen is supported by CDSpeed disc quality scanning. I haven’t found it to be reliable but others have and it certainly is no worse than your combo drive. BenQ will give you another burner ( agreed, better than Liteon ) and it will support scanning but there are many more poster with BenQ problems than with NEC so you might not be pleased. Also a second burner when you already nave NEC is kind of ridiculous. If I had to go for only 2 drives I would stick with the NEC and the AOpen. I enjoy scanning but I never see anything burned on my 3500 that is other than excellent so it really is redundant.


yeah but newer liteon’s can be patched to allow for 12x dl ripping. thats why i have mine. he isn’t looking for another burner just a companion…


I would use the 3500 until it goes down. 10-12 min DL rip with the 3500 is fast enough for me.


more like 20 to 25…


I only copy the main movie with AC 3/6 audio…4 to 5GB of data.



I like chas0039 - use the AOpen 1648/aap and NEC nd-3500 combination - and get steller burns in a very reasonable amount of time using good media like Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell-



The NEC drives will soon be able to PI/POF scan :slight_smile:

I’d suggest a nice litey 167T (DVDrom reader only) with riplock removed for speedy rips :slight_smile:


With error scanning coming soon, that particular argument for the Benq disappears. However, I like the idea that if either of my drives (NEC/Benq) ever fails, I will not lose any quality while waiting for repair. Can’t comment on ripping, as I never need to do that. That’s what usenet is for, isn’t it? :slight_smile:


usenet for ripping? what do you mean by that? what is usenet?


I have a litey 5232, is there a riplock removed firmware for that. I end up using my 3500 to rip and burn because it’s faster but would love to save some wear and tear on it if the litey would rip faster.


Thanks guys!!! great info.

  1. Aopen… thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look into it.
  2. scanning on NECs… I didn’t hear that but I’ll keep an eye out.
  3. My litey sohc5232 able to rip DL @12x???.. could I get a link to a FW???

If 2 and 3 are both true, I have no need to switch anything… just some flashing to do. :slight_smile:

Thanks again guys. Awesome help.

EDIT: Did some quick looking around, and I’m psych’d. :smiley: Looks like just a matter of time before the NECs can scan… now to find a faster ripping FW for my litey. :slight_smile:


@spryfly, I saw your link in your siggy to codeguys. I downloaded the fw for the sohc5232, but the documentation makes no mention of improved DL rips (aside from +R DL). Mine currently goes 8x, but 12x would be an awesome jump.


you are apparently not just new to burners… try google

depends on the disc for DL but i think 8-10x is the max with the combo drives(i have the 48161h). spry has a 1633s like me and i think it actually (according to rdg) can get up to 14x with hex editing or using the code tools.


you mean i can get already ripped movies from some usenet groups? do I have to pay for them?


Please keep it legal :cop:


I like using my LiteOn 16X DVD SOHD-167T as a compliment to the NEC ND-3500A. It’s a ROM only drive so it doesn’t read ATIP info so I can run backups software from it without the copy protection noticing. I can also use it for Quality tests of my DVDs and with riplock removed it’s nice and fast.