Accessorieswhole - Do Not Buy From Them!


I - like many others - bought a new Crossover 27Q 27 inch 2560 x 1440 S-IPS monitor from Accessorieswhole - a Korean eBay seller. The seller touted himself as an “Authorized Dealer” and offered a one year warranty.

About 7 months into owning this monitor - it suddenly stopped working one day after about one hour into that days session. I rebooted several times - used my voltage tester on the power supply - nothing.

I wrote to Accessorieswhole with a warranty claim. Four days later they responded - at first saying I didn’t buy the monitor from them. I sent them a copy of my PayPal receipt. So then they told me to open up the monitor and test the boards inside - WTH is up with this crap?? I had bought a SquareTrade warranty at the time of purchase - so I filed a claim with them - only to be told that they don’t cover this item in the first year due to the manufacturers warranty.

Bottom line - I paid $380 for the monitor shipped to my home and $54 for the extended warranty. I feel violated by doing business with Accessorieswhole and strongly recommend that any fellow members buy from a reputable dealer in your own country and put these crooks out of business! :a

I have replaced the monitor with an AOC 27" IPS monitor which is only 1920 x 1080 - but has an excellent, sharp and clear resolution for $270 from Best Buy. It comes with a three year warranty included with purchase.

You live and learn-eh! :iagree:

I hope we can organize and do them far more economic damage than their deliberate choice to save themselves a few hundred dollars at your expense.

I had a bad experience from MWAVE where we had unauthorized credit-card accesses for the first time ever within two days of our only MWAVE purchase. Traced the attempts back to MWAVE’s hometown. The attempts were unsuccessful, but I noticed MWAVE’s “manager” who denied, denied, denied. In short, if they had an employee doing this, they denied. Or maybe I was talking to THAT employee!! Emails didn’t receive any other response. But I was able to put the word out against MWAVE and hopefully they finally took heed. I wasn’t seeking money - I was offering them a warning that someone in their organization was likely trying to swipe credit-cards.

Whoever was in charge of phone-calls and email responses didn’t want to display any caring attitude, so fine. I know “caring” and “being attentive” takes some time and trouble.

I hope all of these vendors enjoy their Internet reputations.

I’m sure you checked this out but does the manufacturer of the monitor have any warranty ?

I hope all of these vendors enjoy their Internet reputations.[/QUOTE]

Unfortunately they will. You probably didn’t do your homework and research this site before buying. I could probably say the same about most people, myself included.

Also dishonest companies tend to write positive reviews about themselves, claiming to be customers.

“I just bought a brand-new CPU at half the retail price” -random supposed customer #1.

“I’ve been shopping at MWave for years, and can personally vouch for their honesty” -random supposed costumer #2.

See how easy it is? Try googleing employees’ opinions of cutco cutlery. There are many positive reviews of them. Yet, there is also a petition against the way they treat employees with 18,569 signatures (as of 1/28/2013)!