Accessing This Web Site ... slowwww?



Hi. Being new here I don’t know if accessing the web site and forum ususally takes as long as it is taking me. I don’t know if I’m having a unique problem (although its only this site) or if there is a problem in general.

Can someone comment on whether or not there is an unsually long time to load these pages?



Depends on the traffic. At the moment things are normal on my end.


superfast here too now


It’s worling fine now, but I have had a few timeouts over the past couple of days. I’ve just put it down to the traffic on the site.


I have broadband but always get a timeout if it takes me more than a minute or two to post! Very frustrating!

I have to copy the first post so I can paste what I wrote after logging in a second time…

Any idea why I’m having this problem? I use IE as my browser and have no such problem at any other Webboard communities I frequent.


Not slow on my end…


  • Using a different browser
  • Rebooting your modem

Any other sites on which these symptoms occur?


No, no other sites are a problem… hmm… I had a link icon set up on my browser for It always was taking for ever … and most of the time when it came up …all that showed was the news. There was no graphic across the top for forum or review or home etc.

So, I waited and waited for it to load, clicked on forum … when that finally came up, I dragged the address to my link bar and made that new address a link. Now when I click on that address … boom! …I’m in the forum! Fast as could be! I dunno, just seemed to be the home page problem. :confused:



Used to have the problem went on broad band last week no probs eny more apart from the other day when we all had the same think great site to be part of :smiley: :smiley:


Yes indeed! This is a wonderful site … with plenty of info! I also have a DSL connection. In fact, I had the modem and router set up … I was sitting at my keyboard with the phone to my ear… ready to type in a web address … and I was calling the phone co. every 15 minutes … saying … "how about “now?” … “now?” … “is it done now?” :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember using the bulliten boards before there was an internet as we know it. A blazing 300 baud modem… shoot, it only took half an evening to download 100k. (if no one called ya when you were at 97%) lol



Originally posted by Jj4
if no one called ya when you were at 97%
Example based on personal experience? :stuck_out_tongue: