Accessing the lite version of forums fails

Ever since I became a member, I have accessed the Bargain Basement forum using the lite version of the board and it’s not working. It’s been about 6-8 weeks ago that I last logged on and it worked then.
Here is the link I used.

I liked the lite version for several reasons.

  1. It loaded much much faster to say the least.
  2. The posts were listed by newest thread at the top, not the most recent post. I didn’t see a way to sort by latest thread disregarding posts.

Is there a new link or is the lite feature gone? I’m hoping to see a link in the reply.:wink:


You should find your way here:

Thanks. I had found that link, but when I saw “archive”, I thought it was a backup of old discussions.

Thanks for the link didnt know about the Lite Version.
Also thought Archive old bucked up stuff :bigsmile: