AccessDB of files and paths

I have a table of filenames and it’s corresponding path. It is a list of all files and folders of a two hard drives. I would like to start burning them all to DVD. I would like to have a little interface that would read the table, add file lengths and as soon as the length is equal to or less than 4.5 GB then start burning the accumulated list of files and folders. After burning, continue reading the rest of the files and folders. I believe I can code the program but I don’t know how to start a burn or add files and folders for a compilation, and pause VBA while Nero Burns, burns, burns baby…
Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.
PG :confused:

I really don’t know myself but I think a similar question was asked before recentlly(how do I get this program that I am writing to burn disks). Someone corect me if I am remembering wrong here but I think the answer was thier are programs avalable (possibly freeware) that will allow your program to burn with nero. It would be very complex and dificult to write yourself. You might want to try googleing (or searching the forums) for such a program. Someone corect me if I am remembering wrong here.