Access violation in MP3PRO.DLL

Hi everyone.

I’ve recently downloaded and installed the Nero SDK (v7.0.8.2) and been experimenting with the useful NeroAPITest sample application.

If I run it using the command line:
NeroAPITest --write --drivename e --real --iso mycd d:\cd_audio

it works fine, and burns me a good data disk.

However, if I try to burn a two track audio CD using the command line:
NeroAPITest --write --drivename e --real d:\cd_audio\elmo.wav d:\cd_audio\stone.wav

I get an unhandled exception in NeroAPITest.exe (MP3PRO.DLL) : 0xC0000005: Access Violation when NeroBurn() is called.

The specified wav files are all present (they’re not MP3!) and the error occurs no matter which CD writer I try using with my machine. The version of my MP3PRO.DLL file is

I don’t think I’m doing anything incorrect with my command line, so I’m at a bit of a loss as to why it’s not working - or at least returning me an error that I can handle.

Does anyone out there have any ideas?

Many thanks,


I’ve just tried replacing my installed version of MP3PRO.DLL ( with an older version ( from another machine and everything is now working!

I can even get disc title and artist name working along with audio in index0.

Are Nero aware of this file incompatibility within their current distribution SDK?

Also, does anyone know if they plan to release an SDK that corrects this problem in the near future?

I’ve just upgraded my Nero installation to v7.2.0.3 and the access violation in MP3PRO.DLL has returned - because the installer updated the file.

The version on MP3PRO.DLL is now v2.0.5.2, so it has changed, but the problem I reported a month or so ago still remains.

Obviously, I can revert the file back to v2.0.3.0 again, but this is troubling me. Surely I’m not the only person in the world using the SDK API to create audio CDs?

How come nobody else is reporting this problem?

I’m confused.

I’ve also found that just deleting MP3PRO.DLL makes the problem go away!

Fine until you need it I suppose.

Those newer mp3pro.dll files are causing lots of problems including skipping audio cd’s when you decode mp3 files for burning. Nero can’t seem to reproduce any of these problems with the new mp3pro files, which probably explains why they haven’t been fixed yet.