Access Time

Hi guys It’s been a while since I was last here. I recently purchased a Plextor PX-716a and I have this very annoying problem. When I go to back up a DVD movie I will put the movie into the PX 716a drive while holding down the shift key so no sofware auto loads, the access time to load the DVD is not always the same and some times it does not recognize it at all. Example is when DVD it put in to drive while holding shift key, first led on drive turns yellow and after about 12 seconds, flashes green and back to yellow and finnally solid green with in 15 seconds total time. My PX-712 does this perfectly every time within 15 seconds unless it’s a problematic DVD. My PX-716a is never consistant and will acknowledge the same DVD sometimes within 15 seconds, but other times 20,30 or not at all. Also I noticed yesterday that it went 30 seconds a couple of times and did not acknowledge that the DVD was in the drive. I would then release shift key and led light on PX-716a would turn amber and flash 2 times, pause then flash 2 more times contiuously until I removed DVD. My burns come out fine and my plextools scans are great, there also seems to be no problems with my CD-R or CR-RW burns. It also has past the self test 2 times without any erros. All my settings look good. DMA mode 4 is fine, Im not using any nvidia ide drivers any one seen this before?
System specs
Thermaltake Xaser 3 case, 10 case fans
Windows XP Pro
2 Seagate 300gig SATA
2 Western Digital 250 Gig Pata “Master and slave on primary”
Plextor Px 716a DVD RW “Master on secondary”
Plextor Premium CD RW “slave on secondary”
Atech Flash Xm-4U 11-in-1 USB 2.0 Black Internal card reader
Asus A8n-Sli Premium
2 BFG 7800 Gt’s in SLi
AMD 64 4000+ sandiego core
Corsair Twinx2048-3200c2pt
Sound blaster Audigy ZS 2
Thermalright X90C heatsink
Thermaltake A2017 90mm 1 Ball 1 Sleeve Blue LED Light Case Cooling Fan
Ultra X connect X2 550W
ViewSonic VP2030b Black 20.1" 8ms
Thanks in advance :confused:

Some pressed discs are still manufactured out of spec. Without using the shift key, find a disc that mounts quickly and consistently. Then use the shift key and see if it still loads with fairly consistent times. Then try one of your "inconsistent: discs, again without the shift key. If mount times are inconsistent or you get two flashes, the disc is out of spec, i.e., either not flat, giving you a focus issue, or eccentric, giving you a tracking issue. Suggest you replace the disc if you find some like that.

Thats the problem the discs are never consistant. I can take 4 disc/Movies to my PX 712 and they all load within 15 seconds, now if I take them to my PX 716 they will load at differant times and never consistant times on the same disc and sometimes not at all. I can put in say the movie Red Eye in my PX 716 and it might load at 15 seconds ,simply ejecting it and reinserting it might take 30 seconds or not all. I think the drive is bad Im going to buy another one tonight and swap it out and see what happens. :a

Could be the DVD laser at that. Times should be fairly consistent in mounting what should be a good DVD.