Access errors

Good day. I just purchased AnyDVD at the recommendation of one of my friends. Since installing the product and installing the key, I am randomly getting Internet Explorer shut down messages relating to Access Errors. I have not installed any other software since the installation of AnyDVD.

Is there something here that I need to fix?

Thanks, Danno…

Anydvd wont be the problem. If you have downloaded a crack it is probably a mallisious script (or virus) bundled with the crack that is the problem. Hopefully you had system restore running, so you can revert back to before you installed anydvd.

If you have not downloaded a crack, i apologise. Just this is all i can think that could be the problem if you have not downloaded anything else.

AnyDVD does nothing to Internet Explorer, your problem is likely completely unrelated to AnyDVD.

Maybe your problem is related to the last security update from Microsoft:

Good day.

Thanks to those who responded. I will look elsewhere for the problem.

Thanks, Danno…