Access denied to a CD-RW disk



I am using Nero, InCD and Windows XP and am trying to erase a Memorex 16x - 24x CD-RW disk. My rewriter has the latest firmware.

Initially the disk was full in Nero format but erase just wouldn’t work. It then ‘appeared’ that I had succeeded in re-formatting it to InCD, but erase in this format or even Nero still will not work and I am being told that access to the disk is denied.

The format is CDFS, which makes me believe it is still in Nero format and the disk info still shows it to be full.

When I try to access it in InCD format, it appears to be written with only 1.17 Mb of data, but no free space. It contains a file folder, a separate ‘Autorun.inf’ file and an ‘OpenHtml.exe’ application, but I can’t open or run any of these.

I had two more of these disks which I was able to erase. I put some info onto a known good disk, set it up to be erased in Nero, but before clicking on erase I swapped the good disk for each of the problem disks and erased them. This process however didn’t work with the disk in question.

I am of course prepared to scrap this disk, but am interested to know what has happened and wanted to explore all avenues first. Thanks in advance.


if the problems happens only with this specific disc then the cdrw media has been corrupted. Fluxuation in temperature,humidity,dirt e.t.c to blame. If problem happens with new discs also , then uninstallin/reinstalling nero might help.


Thanks for the reply DGK30.

This disk, like the other two that I managed to erase, is almost new, although I am prepared to accept that it may have been corrupted during the previous back up writing to it.

I have sought an explanation from Nero and will await their reply before scrapping it