Acceptable compression rate with DVD Shrink

Forgive me for asking, but what would you guys consider to be an accptable compression rate in DVD Shrink?

I know this will be different for eveyone. I am just trying to get an estimate. I compressed a backup at about 65% and it seemed to be a pretty clear picture on my 43’’ Hi-Def Hitachi TV.

it’s not just different for everyone perception-wise, but it’s different per movie. some movies are harder to compress than others; an “acceptable” compression ratio for one movie might not be acceptable for another movie.

Yeah it’s really hard to say. Some movies are bloated to begin with (ie. superbit releases) and compress a whole lot quite well. If you’re not going to learn other (more complicated methods) of doing things then you’re going to have no choice but to live with Shrink’s results anway. By re-authoring and keeping the movie only and getting rid of unwanted soundtracks and using the deep analysis feature you can almost always make a great quality backup.

yeah, 65 is ok, i even had some down to 60 and they are more than watchable.