Accelerate Nero TEN TIMES with DVD shrink 3.1.7!



Hi, I am new to this forum, just because I found out, by accident, something that has already solved a LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE a LOT OF TROUBLE.

The issue is: I got data-streams from my 7200rpm HD up to a max. of 3x DVD writing speed, so my 8x burner wasn’t much good.

I read a lot of forums with other people with this problem, but no solution. UNTIL…I found the trick:

The trick is: Running DVD Shrink 3.1.7 in the background. Idle, so I just started it up. And it was enough.

NOW NERO COULD SUDDENLY GOT THE DATA STREAM at a speed of 28x DVD speed, the normal rate for DMA 7200 IDE HDs!! :cool:

So I made a guide for people with this problem, hope you like it, since I can only do HTML VERY poor:

I now burn 8x DVDs instead of 2.4x :bigsmile:

Mark, the Netherlands


Very interesting.