I’m a Singaporean interested in purchasing TY 8x +R media. Currently I have found 2 online merchants:

Shipping to Singapore is not a problem since I can use a service in my country called vPostUSA. My only concern is that if I make an order, will the products that arrive actually be TY media? I won’t be able to return them easily :slight_smile:

What experiences does everyone have with these merchants?

They are the same company. You will not find a more reliable or friendly online retailer.

I agree, next to Newegg I have never seen a better online company.

Thanks! I didn’t know they were the same! :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe that’s why their descriptions for the TY media match so closely :bigsmile:

It’s a bit strange though, because RIMA would actually be more worthwhile if I bought > 1 spindle.

Rima is geared toward consumers, ACCA is towards businesses.

I am thinking of buying it too but they do not accept international credit card.
How do you make payment? :confused:

I think they only ship to US and Canada but could be wrong. So you may have issues with foreign credit cards. Why they do not use Paypal is beyond me.

Well, I’ve used my dad’s Amex card to order from NewEgg before without issues… I suppose it will also work in this case?

I have always paid with PayPal. You have to send payment to Check out the FAQ :slight_smile:

then if your from a foreign country, and they will not take your credit card, and you have a rerouting mail service like above I would suggest you use paypal.


The PayPal info is actually in the “Help” area on their site FYI-


Yes, you are right :bow: