Acard IDE to USB Link Host Adapter?




I am looking into buying an Acard 1-3 standalone CD burning unit, the unit would house 3 LiteOn 52x writers and a CD reader and also a 200gb hdd for storing images of regularly burnt CDs. Im also planning on buying an Acard IDE to USB Link Host Adapter for Copy Controller. The problem is that i am unsure as to how the suplicator is controller via this interface. I use Stomp Recordnow Max v4.5 just now to burn to 3 Plex SCSI drives at the same time. With the USB controller installled is ity possible to burn to all 3 drives in the duplicator using the Stomp software ?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


No, the USB connection will only allow you to use one burner to master a disc from the PC. It does not allow you to control all burners.