Acard Filmware Help :-( Its driving me mad!



Hey all,

Just wanted to pick your brains as mine are burnt out, I have just bought a DVD Duplicator off ebay, I have been told it wont copy as the controller needs a Filmware update, I have emailed Acard but aint heard back over 2 weeks ago now and my Duplicator is just sitting there gathering dust.

I can see on the Acard website that there are many filmware downloads but i dont even understand which controller i have or how to check,

The information i have got from system info is as follow :-
DVD Duplicator 1-1 Ver: 1.93Z.
SST: 39SF040 2004/02/03 Acard.

I cannot see anything that resembles this on Acards website for my controller, Can someone please help please, please, please i am begging before i go mad,

Thanks In advance

Mark :confused: