Acard duplicator won't record at 8x audio

I recently bought an Acard 1-3 duplicator with 3* Pioneer 111.
I am duplicating audio cds made by dj friends of mine.
I have bought some reasonable Ritek cds, and I have been advised to only record audio at 8 speed.

I have set my duplicator up as 8 speed audio recording as per the manual, but it won’t record at 8 speed. It will record at 4 speed or 10 speed. But if you specifically select 8 speed and set it to record it selects 10 speed when it writes it!
If you then check the default audio speed setting it says 8 speed again.
at 10 speed it a takes about seven minutes to record three simultaneous cds.
At 4 speed it takes 25 minutes!

Is there much difference between recording audio at 8 speed or 10 speed?

Any ideas?


The firmware on the Pio will record CDs at 4x, 10x, 16x ,24x ,32x & 40x. There are no other choices.

Most recommend 16x as the max burn speed for Audio CDs so 10x should be perfectly fine if you want to go down that low. Personally I’d go for 16x.

Thanks very much TimC! Can I ask where you found that info?
I will stick to 10* speed as 7 minutes is no problem for me. And our production runs are a couple of hundred a time. After a couple of years of poor media and recording too fast, with too many cds not working(mostly in car cd players), we are going for quality over convience.
thx again

That information should be found in the manual or the data sheet of the drive. Also, tools like Nero CD/DVD speed show that info if a disc is inserted.

Concerning write speed: Slower is not necessarily better. Modern CD-R media is hi-speed classified and not optimized for lower writing speeds. With quality media like Taiyo Yuden and the right writer you get excellent results at even higher speeds (16x or 24x).


Just look at Pioneer’s sites, they have all info there.