Acard controllers in Teac 1:10 duplicators

Howdy folks,
Teac makes a line of high speed CD and DVD duplicators in which they claim to use Acard controllers. They just came out with a 1:10 model which they say also has an Acard controller. Acard doesn’t make 1:10 controllers.
I called a Teac sales rep and asked how this was possible. He said that the controllers was “specially modified” by Teac and Acard in order to make it work for a 1:10.
I called a Teac tech support person to see if I got the same story, and they said they didn’t know what controllers were used (a real confidence bulider there!).
Anyway, the question I have is:
Does anyone know if Acard DOES make a 1:10 controller?
Does anyone know if it is possible to modify a controller not made for a 1:10 to make it work for a 1:10?

Thanks for your help!!