Acard ARS-2030T Duplicator

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I’ve just bought an Acard ARS-2030T 1-3 Duplicator and i’m having a slight problem with installing the DVD writers. From the manual i’ve worked out how to connect the writers with the power and IDE cables and got them working but there are some extra red/white wires which are connected to to some LED lights on the front of the case,a nd i can’t see where to connect these either to the Cotroller’s motherboard or to the DVD writers. I gather these are there to show one way or another that the drives are working or something but i don’t know how or what to do with them. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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I bought one yesterday fully working, I took the case off, as I am very nosey, and my guess is that they could be Hard drive wires, to tell you when the HD is active. I can have a look tonight at mine if it will help? As you know insatlling a hard drive is an option.
Incidentally its a fantastic duplicator, 7 mins for 3 audio cds with a intentionally reduced write speed.

same question,can someone confirm where the “twisted pairs” Led wires go.

Acard 2030T 1-3


Reply from Acard Support

External case’s LED only for SCSI HDD or mobile rack.
ATAPI devices have LED in front panel already.
So it not provide LED output signal pin.

As thought those wires/Case Leds are for HDD or other devices.

Any way after updating F/W, working fine & very easy to use,not recommended to use 16X unless HDD installed.

I dont have a HD on mine …

It comes up ok: but when you try and read the burnt cd’s they are just showing as blank… ive wasted a fair amount of media and not a happy man

Ive tried reducing the burn speed and have tried 3 types of media to no avail

Setup is a ARS 2033P Controller with Pioneer 111D writers

Ive not set any of the jumper wires up could that be the problem? didnt think it mattered

When i say jumper they are most likely for the HD red and white wires… all writers are set to master… just been to the shop where i got the copier they havnt got a clue :a


I haven’t tried any CDs.

1.All 111d burners set to master,all same Firmware
2.Latest Firmware for your ARS 2033P Controller
3.Try 1 source CD to 1 target CDR only
4.Try “5.6 Prescan” see if source CD is recognised
5.Try “5.2 Test” not sure if these modes work with CD’s
6.If all OK now try “5.1 Copy”

Try older CD’s or cdrs in case copy protection is present.

Sorry I can’t think of anything else