ACARD 1-3 Duplicator with pioneer 108 drives

My acard 1-3 duplicator will not write at 8 speed (never has!) and its seems the only way it will is if I upgrade the firmware. Can anyone give me an idiots guide to upgrading the three pioneer burners? Do i have to remove them from the acard box and somehow install them on my pc? also which firmware upgrade should i install?

This was under warranty but I couldnt afford the downtime posting the thing of to be upgraded. Bloody annoying to have a so called 8 speed duplicator that can only burn at 4 speed. I am also hoping this will cure the fact that the bottom burner has stopped working. I think this might be due to the media as i cant seem to find 4 speed DVD-R (printable). Any help would be much appreciated :confused:

Flashing a firmware cannot resolve hardware issues! Never!

Your Acard is the troublemaker, no sense to flash the burners then…