AC97 dirver update not signed, how to load them any way?

Hey there i got a e-machine 4510, and haven’t had sound for awhile, i’ve almost come to terms with having to buy a sound card which would be the easist solution other than i’m broke, hence cheap, andthis seems to spur my curiosity. I only mention this because i think most people would probably just suggest that, however, i gotta know the truth…it’s out there…

I’ve found updates for my drivers Ac97 onboard sound, so i’m like cool i’ll load them, maybe they patch whatever conflict might be there with the XP sp2 updates, so i launch the wizard it begins the whole extraction and installalation process, then the window prompts that the drivers aren’t digitally signed, how can i get rid of this and load it anyway?

Could Anyone tell me if they’ve heard of major crash problems caused by such an operation, though i assume it could be risky, i am cautiously curious, and eager to learn.

Thanks :smiley:

Some genuine drivers won’t pass the stupid Windows check (the WHQL signature thing). If you got them from the authentic update site for the sound devices, then I would just go ahead. In any case, you shouldn’t get a major crash if they don’t work.

If you intend to switch to on-board sound you may need to disable your existing
sound card from the BIOS…or just remove it completely.