AC3 to stereo


I am trying to use a piece of a DVD film in a Power Point (ppt) presentation in a motivational/training session for staff.

I have no trouble pulling out the piece of video, editing it, and getting it into ppt, but the conversion of the AC3 / 5.1 produces a stereo sound track where the conversation is masked by the incredibly lound background music of the movie.

Is there anyway that I can do the conversion that will demux AC3 into 6 channels, and then I can mix them into stereo as I want in Vegas / Forge for my ppt.

Wld appreciate any insights. Thanks.

Maybe try BeSweet.

Newbie. Sorry! But thanks for your help. Really appreciated.

Hi again. Have produced the 6 individual wav files which is cool. 90% of the way there. Again, many thanks.