Ac3 to mp3/wav/wma



Hi, can anyone tell me hwo to convert Ac3 files ripped from a DVD to mp3/wma/wav files??? I’ve tried burning the ac3 files with Nero Express but with no success (It just times out after ten minutes and shuts down). Are there any good (free!!!) converters out there??? I’m relatively new to this audio malarky so if you could keep it as basic as possible I’d appreciate it.



dbPowerAmp can transcode between various audio formats. Note that transcoding from one lossy compression format to another (as would be AC3 -> MP3 or WMA) will inevitably lead to quality loss. if you just want to burn an audio CD with the AC3s as the source, decode them to WAV instead and burn the WAVs.


Yes, and how does one “decode them to WAV”?? I’m interested too.


Besweet will convert AC3 to whatever. Try here