Ac3 to mp2

I want to convert ac3 file to mp2. The BeSweetGUI doesn’t work on my PC. (Win2k)
I have tried 0.6 b61 and 0.6 b70. Then I tried using HeadAc3he, but it crashes. Any suggestions?

Both BeSweet GUI and HeadAC3e run fine on my PC which is running win2k so it can’t be a win2k issue.
Did you try BeSweet GUI v0.6b73? Also you could just use BeSweet without a GUI.

Can you please tell me where did you find the b73 ,
'cause I was in their site and the last version is BeSweetGUI v0.6b71…
Anyway , when I start to encode the file , another software windows appear… but nothing happens . I just read down the old window “transcoding” , but it can remain for a night long… without creating a new file.

I have also been using BeSweet with the GUI ver v0.6b73 for some time now and on Win2000 OS without ever a glitch. AC3Machine works fine also.

What is the actual version of BeSweet (not the GUI) you have installed ?

If you having probs with both BeSweer GUI and AC3 Machine, then I would suggest your copy of BeSweet is very old or corrupted. Get the latest from in the Audio section

Thanks all, I was ignoring the BeSweet.exe …

Originally posted by darksail
Thanks all, I was ignoring the BeSweet.exe …