AC3 DVD to DTS DVD Conversion?

Can this be done ?

Basically I want to take a DVD with 5.1DD sound & convert it to a DVD with 5.1 DTS sound

Any pointers would be great, I have loads of programs that may help me do it, just havent a clue what Im doing lol

Thanks in advance


May I ask what the point of doing this would be? DD is not as good quality as DTS, but converting to DTS would not make it any better quality, just make it slightly worse?

Ben :slight_smile:

Well I have SurCode DTS Pro which is meant to be able to make mono into true DTS, so I think if I could make DD into DTS, it would be better dont you ?

maybe i’m wrong, but i don’t think it either. i’m not an expert on sound, but DD is compressed format taken from some uncompressed source (HQ), so if you take compressed audio and convert it to another compressed format you will get nothing better, just losing quality. so i would stay with DD

somebody correct me, if i’m wrong, thanks :cop:

Yes, exactly correct.

ok guys, thanks

it’s possible to do it but it requires some work

1st separate all the audio stream from ac3 file into something like wav files
2nd needs sound editing with a software like sound forge to recover some quality from previous compression
3nd reencode with dts

don’t forget it must be 48/16 (usually DD uses the same)

the secret to get the better sound quality/depth comes really from the audio editing ability, applying filters and so on

never did a DD5.1 to DTS conversion, but did some stereo to DTS and I really liked the outcome, but to do this for a whole audio cd it will take some hours/days

  1. Demux the main DVD with DVD Decrypter, so you have .m2v and .ac3 files.
  2. Use BeSweet(GUI) to decode the AC3 file, in the settings there is a option to output to “mono wav”. Do not apply any filters (normalise, boost, resample etc.).
  3. Use SurCode DVD DTS to encode the 6 mono wav files to DTS.
  4. Use IFOEdit to Mux the .m2v video and new DTS file together into a new DVD. Remember to “Get VTS Sectors”. Then reburn the DVD.

Hope this elaborates somewhat on what possessed suggested.

Ben :slight_smile: