Ac3 audio editing

Got an xvid avi where the audio is slightly out of sink and way to quiet, it’s encoded as ac3. If this audio is extracted from the file is it posssible to edit an ac3 audio file - change it’s ‘loudness’ etc


If you want it “louder”, then just use the ORIGINAL.

I did something similar recently.

I split the AC3 into it’s 6 channels as mono wav format with AC3tools - you get a 15 day trial period - then did my adjustments and remuxed (?) to AC3 with Sonic Ausio Transcoder.

It’s normal for AC3 to sound “quiet” (that is, if the decoder you’re using doesn’t know its ass from its elbows and can’t do dynamic range compression).

Rest assured an AC3 soundtrack is (most of the time) the original. Whether it sounds good or not on your PC, who gives a damn. As long as you use the right tools, it will sound damned good when played back on a DVD player.