AC/DC vows to keep denying fans iTunes digital downloads

AC/DC vows to keep denying fans iTunes digital downloads.

[newsimage][/newsimage]“Let There Be Rock…” but not on iTunes says AC/DC, the classic rock band that formed in 1973 and is still going strong today.

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And meanwhile, back in the real world, a couple hundred more people torrented/rapidshared/googled the song they wanted in the time it took to read this article.

It’s no longer in the musician’s control as to how people consume music. They’re leaving money on the table just to stand up for a futile point.

So purchase your fav AC/DC CD disc from Amazon…Done

Just buy the CD and rip it. Then you have a hard copy when something happens to your digital copy.

What they’re conveniently leaving out is that the music industry as a whole is pissed because they think being able download only one or two songs is causing them to have less revenue - that’s one of the primary reasons some music is not available for digital download (see past articles on this site). Almost every single CD that I’ve ever purchased, I’m lucky if I really like half of it - I hate having to purchase entire CDs; if I only like a few songs, I love being able to purchase only those few songs and still support the artist. I rarely but music anymore because artists are becoming stuck-up snobs only concerned with the money - they aren’t in it for the fun or the people, anymore… But hey, that’s just my opinion.

I kinda of like what they’re doing. Radio only plays the official songs, and some of my favorite songs from bands are the other songs on a disc. Had I not purchased the CD, I may never have bothered to pay for and listen to them.

Obviously AC/DC is in a financial position where they don’t need the money from itunes. I guess with that kind of wealth, artist integrity is pretty easy to maintain :slight_smile:

Artistic integrity my arse, they’re just being greedy, but I guess they don’t realize that they’re actually losing more money and turning more fans into pirates because of their short-sighted and ridiculous stance.

And so I will keep on not buying their music. CD’s are outdated. Get over it. The quality is crap. They get scratched and broken all the time. They are pretty much going the way of the VHS tape. Also, no one wants to buy a whole album when they just want the two or three good songs on it.

If AC/DC doesn’t want to release their music digitally, that just means they aren’t going to sell any music.

I doubt they’ll miss your penny’s K83…And this comment " The(cd) quality is crap" just makes me laugh every time some audiophool makes it…:bigsmile:…Course that’s just your[I] own[/I] opinion, and we all have em…
You do know the data on the disc is digital right :doh:…As with all physical things, there’s a good chance of it breaking/scratching, so re-read redk9258’s post…
And one more thing, opinions are not facts…They’re just well—opinions :wink:

So AC/DC is up in arms about selling singles? How soon these idiots forget!
A long time ago in a Universe not far away, there once existed Vinyl Music Disks.
These were available in both Large and Small versions.
The “Small Version” (45s) held one song on each side, only!
They were cheap, readily available and the Music Companies sold them by the millions and built their Empires on them.
Hypocracy and stupidity is alive and well in the Mrrkin Music Industry.

AC/DC is the biggest selling band in the world (primarily I suspect because they are practically the only major band that releases cds with wholly new material rather than compilations together with just one or two new tracks).

There’s nothing wrong with their business model. :slight_smile: