AC-3/6 or AC-3/2

AC-3/6 or AC-3/2 What difference is there between these 2 ?

Is one better to use over the other ?

AC3/6 should be an audio track with 6 channels (front central, front left, front right, rear left, rear right and subwoofer), whereas AC3/2 should have only two channels (front left and front right).

If you have a surround system installed in your television, then the 6 channel audio trach is better, but if you have a normal television then there is no practical difference.

Just be advised, sometimes the 3/6 is the movie track and the 3/2 is a commentary track while other times the 3/6 is 5.1 surround and the 3/2 is just 2.0 stereo of the movie. You need to play each track and make sure what it is before you delete it if you are not sure.

Many folks seem to delete the 3/6 thinking they can get by with only the 3/2 and end up with just a commentary track!

Also for concideration while compiling your backup, AC3/6 is generally the main soundtrack for the movie, with AC3/2 generally being used for director’s commentaries. Thus, choosing only the 2 channel sound track may not give you the results you desire.

I always choose the A-3/6 track. None of my playback hardware can provide 6 channels of sound today. But next year or sometime in the future it will… and my Tayio Yuden TYG02 DVD’s will wait and provide the tunes when I get there.