Abut burning dvd's

in burning a movie dvd is these any difference between using blank
dvd-r and dvd+r discs
thank you

This is a very basic question that has been answered many times on this and other forums. It is really helpful to yourself if you try and do a search of the forum first, then perhaps you will find the answers more easily yourself next time.

Here is a tutorial to start you off though:


If you don’t understand something in your reading, then if course we’d be glad to help. :slight_smile:

DVD-R’s tend to explode in panasonic players killing everyone in the room so watch out.

If you use -R’s and own a Sony you’ll be OK.

Hardly a helpful bit of advice. :frowning:

Posting any more nonsense like that again in the Newbie forum will mean your stay at CD Freaks will be considerably shortlived.

Consider yourself warned. :cop:

Sorry folks…thought it was clearly joking and non-malicious. I’m not constantly here so I haven’t sensed the humor level yet…but am starting to.

Sammd70, wasn’t making fun of you…just being goofy. Onto your question…here’s some differences to consider:

DVD-R’s have better compatibility especially on older standalone DVD players, but DVD+R’s can be made more compatible through bitsetting. From five year of experience DVD+R’s are my choice now because after using many different brands (both + and -) it seems +R’s are less problematic and have less playback problems all things equal.

However one other slight difference I discovered was DVD-R’s are slightly larger, enough that a video I made would not fit on a +R but did fit on a -R.

I also read an article about the science between the two formats claiming that +R is the superior format, which may be true, but I go mainly for playback quality so I go with +R…with bitsetting.

Search about bitsetting for your particular drive, go with DVD+R’s (Verbatims, Taiyo Yuden and to a lesser degree Sony) and you will be good.