Absolutely no dvd burning software helps



Using HP DVD writer 1070d RPC 2 (that alone could be the problem) with every type dvd converting, shrinking, burning, etc., etc., software under the sun and will only let me see movie on PC not on stand alone DVD player…very frustrated…help. I have been trying for two weeks!!!
I used to use DVDXcopy with DVD Ghost and never had a problem, but we all know what happened to DVDXcopy…so I changed programs. Any suggestions
:bow: forever to whoever helps me solve this dilemma. Arghhhh:sad:


If your burned dvd works on the computer, then you may be closer to a solution than you think. It sounds like you have copied it correctly, but your stand alone player is a bit picky on burned disks.

First thing to try is to slow down your burning speed. If you have been using 16x media at max speed, slow down to 8x. If that doesn’t help, buy high grade disks…like Verbatim 16x and burn them at 8x or 12x speed.

As far as tools for decryption, ripping and compression are concerned, you can still do this with entirely free tools if you wish. DVDFab HD Decrypter is updated regularly and can break encryption for you and rip to the hard drive. (this is the free section of DVDFab and it will continue to work even after the 30 day trial of the main section is finished). DVDShrink is free to use also and can compress your movie to fit a dvdr. I also recommend getting ImgBurn for the actual burning to a disk…it is also free.

www.mrbass.org (for DVDShrink)

Read the guides to using DVDShrink at the mrbass site, and look through the guides for burning dvd video here: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showforum=4


What other proggies have you tried?
Give DVDFab a go at it…maybe tell us all the software “under the sun” you’ve tried…What media are you using??? Give some details…
If I had to guess(at this point w/o details) I’d say it’s most likely(or could be) a media issue…

EDIT: looks like our buddy kerry56, was quick on the draw,again…:slight_smile:


try dvdflick its free and changes things to play on dvd player/dvd recorder
dont forget to set to pal if in england