Absolutely horrible performance from 2510A

late last year i put together an HTPC and bought an NEC 2510A (maddog brand) to use as a burner/reader. i’ve used TDKG02, ritek G04 and most recently verbatim (but i dont have the media code handy).

just the other day i finally booted my desktop (linux) machine into windows (which has a NEC 3520A fw 3.05) and started looking at the quality of the scans with cd/dvd speed. everything burned on the 2510A looks horrible… PI errors in the 1000s and PI failures in the 600s! its a minor miracle that these discs are readable at all.

as an aside, everything i’ve ever burned with my macs (varying pioneer drives) look absolutely pristine, even discs burned 4 years ago. of course they were burned at 1x or 2x and at the time there were not any off-brand media…

i upgraded my 2510A firmware to 2F9 but same result.

is this a defective drive? how sensitive to heat and magnetic fields is the 2510A? i have a hard disk sitting on top of the drive (with standoffs) and a very small fan sitting on the drive to cool the hard disk. could this be the problem? i am going to try moving the hard disk and the fan, but its a big hassle since its my home theater machine. it is kind of dusty in the machine, but it seems to have no problem reading dvds so i dont think the problem is dust on the lens.

ideas? thanks.

I think the media is the most important factor here.
And usually the quality of the content will degrade in times.

The NEC burners aren’t good readers either.

thanks for the replies. the problem here is that on all media that i’ve tried, when i burn them with the 3520A or my DVR-106, they come out beautifully. same batch of discs… i burn the disk in the 2510A, run it upstairs and put it in the 3520A and it looks like crap. so i dont think its degradation…

@ pfile,

Perchance have you tried the newer version 205C firmware for your NEC ND-2510A. This newer 205C firmware for the NEC ND-2510A is available at the below link.


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bjkg - thanks. i’ll give it a shot.

i think temperature might be a factor… when i’ve had a disc in the drive for a long time, it comes out hot. this is not the case with the machine with the 3520A. gives a new meaning to ‘burning’ a disc :slight_smile:

well so for anyone who cares, i just replaced the 2510A with a 3550A tonight, and i’m getting much, much better quality burns. i still have to try it with the box at high temperature and the disc at high temperature.

its kind of dusty in that machine (it is in the living room…) i wonder if over time the laser is getting too much dust on it? i guess if my quality goes to hell after a while i’ll look into that possibility.