Absolute Time In Pregroove

How is absolute time encoded in the 42 bits of an ATIP frame?

Are you wanting to know how to capture the sine wave (wobble) of the ATIP and find the SYNC from the Bi-phase mark encoded data and decode it into bits/bytes such as current A-Time at the current location and the other info that is in the ATIP (Additional Information 1, 2 and 3, etc…)?

I hope I got all that worded correctly. :wink:

I don’t know what the other guy wants, but I want to know how to do the stuff you just said.

How do you do it?

Hi everyone,

Need some confirmation.

Can DVD Rom driver used to read ATIP, with command op code 43.
If yes, how.

Because I had download some ATIP reader, but all failed to read
with DVD Rom drive. Not sure with CDRom drive.

KL Chin

The MMC command op code 43 is “Read TOC/PMA/ATIP” and yes it is a way to read the ATIP. Reading ATIP is not a restriction of the software* on the PC, rather it is a restriction of the drive’s hardware/firmware.

Most DVDROM/CDROM readers are designed to not support such commands in their hardware/firmware.

*Unless it was intentional by a tray program.

PS. Not to be bad, but you shouldn’t hijack this thread, in future, instead you should create a new thread.

Hi Truman,

Thx for your info.

BTW, sorry guys, i dun hv intention to “Hi-Jack” this thread.
I thought some how related to ATIP.

KL Chin