Absolute Sound Recorder - Not Recording



I installed Absolute Sound Recorder and I thought it was recording fine, but i was wrong.

So I tried Sound Forge as well. It failed as well.

I have an ASUS P5N-D mobo, and was using the drivers from M$ with Win 7 x64. I suspected this might be a problem so I grabbed the Realtek drivers off ASUS website, installed, rebooted. Fired up Absolute Sound Recorder again, and Sound Forge as well. Neither seem to pick up an audio signal.

My recording Controls for Absolute Sound Recorder are either Microphone or Microsoft Sound Mapper. I have it set to Sound Mapper as Im not using a Mic.

Any ideas on how to get this working?


Maybe this will help:

“… open up the Sound Forge audio preferences dialogue and specifically select your audio interface as the playback device. If you see several entries relating to your audio interface, always use the one containing ‘ASIO’ in preference to any MME-WDM ones, as they will provide significantly lower latency.” Martin Walker