Abrnomal failure of a DVR-105

Hi guys,

Just wondering if any of you have had a failure like this. I replaced a DVR-105 today (used as a DVD-RW backup device) which failed and started grinding circles into the recording surface of any media inserted in the drive. The users munched 3 discs until they finally gave up and recognized it was toast. After I pulled the drive from the system, I opened it up and a tiny plastic piece fell out which looked like a tiny wall anchor. Any of you had this type of failure with your drives? It’s the first one I’ve seen and I’ve worked on literally thousands of PC’s. The only time I’ve really seen this type of damage (but much less extensive) has been when a PC was lifted at an angle while a disc was spinning inside the drive. That obviously wasn’t the case here as the PC was inside a steel lock box. I have very rarely seen Pioneer drives fail, so this was a rather dramatic example of what can happen.