About using an external hard drive

Are there any drawbacks for using an external hard drive to copy movies during decryption and burn movies from it? Is the speed of copying and burning reduced?

I sometimes use an external drive for Fab’s temp files when burning to disc and always when writing to HDD files for manipulation with other software or temporary storage. It has worked well for me, since my external drive has a much higher transfer rate than the internal (5400 vs 10,000 rpm). It reduces the processing time in DVD Shrink dramatically by having it read from one drive and write to another (the internal). Sort of depends on how you plan to use it and what type of interface the external drive has (no USB 1.x!).

I agree with signals. If you go with an external HDD, make sure it’s USB 2.0 and not 1.X :cool:

I’m planning on buying a Seagate (USB 2.0) 80GB external hard drive. Is it good?

I would never buy any other drive. Seagate is the best as far as warranty, quality and service. The only drawback to the external is the one year warranty as opposed to the 5 year which is why I make my own from the bare drive.

I prefer the Western Digital Caviar or Raptor series drives, but others have good luck with Seagate. 80Gig is a good size for use as a DVD fie cache. If you have other HDD intensive uses for the drive (big graphics files, games,music etc.) you might look at something a little bigger, but 80 is alot of space and the 80Gig sizes are a good buy. OfficeMax puts externals on sale about every 3 months or so at online type prices. Bought one there for my wife’s computer earlier this fall.

Dealsonic is running a pretty good sale on external enclosures right now. Build your own like Chas0039 say’s.

My external HD is a Seagate 300Gb effort, in an enclosure. Works great for storing Fab files until I get round to copying them to one of my budget ( £15/100 ) blank dvd’s. Maybe I’ve been fortunate so far, but the coasters have all been down to my carelessness.
Anyway, to my way of thinking, DVD Fab Platinum really rox! :slight_smile:

Which one is better external hard drives or internal hard drives installed in external enclosures? They cost about the same. Does the brand of the enclosure really matters if it has an USB 2.0 connection?

I don’t thing either is better. I’d say the same. Plus you can get the enclosure with kewl lights or just plain if you build your own.

You put an internal ide Pata hdd in the enclosure. That makes it an external hdd. You can get usb or firewire or one with both. I know nothing about if you can use a Sata drive in a Sata enclosure. Maybe someone else does. Most enclosures work pretty good for ide hdd drives (DMA-5) it’s finding one to work for the dvd drive you might have that’s a little difficult.

I prefer an internal hdd in an external case, but your needs would dictate your choice…like you said, as long as the price is right.

With any hdd, internal or external, excessive heat is definitely the enemy. I prefer aluminum cases…far superior for heat dissipation. Some come with their own fans, some are a pain in the butt to open and close, but hey, as long as they work. Plumax is a solid name in externals.

Agree with rolling56, Dealsonic is a great retailer for ext cases.

Radio Shack is selling an I/O Magic enclosure for $29.99. Good deal?

Is this it?

$19.99 after rebate, it’s aluminum, usb 2.0…sounds good to me… :iagree:

Your hdd is pata right?

I think that’s it.

I haven’t bought a HD. I don’t know much about HD. Which do you recommend? Walmart is selling a 80GB Western Digital Caviar HD for about $70.

You can do a whole lot better size-wise, for the price. Check out newegg, chiefvalue (newegg’s east coast affiliate)…lottsa retailers out there. Overall, newegg’s the best retailer IMO. For eg., a few months ago, I bought a seagate Sata 320 GB for about $72 or $78, delivered from newegg…not bad huh?

Everyone’s got opinions about the best…like chas says…tough to beat the 5 year warranty on seagate. Right now in the family’s pc’s, I’ve got 5 seagate, 5 western dig, 2 samsung, and 2 old maxtor…all running great. I’ve only ever had one failure…lightning strike on a western dig…took out the motherboard too… can hardly blame the hdd… :bigsmile: . Maxtor has gone downhill, so I wouldn’t recommend them. I guess my personal favorite is seagate cuz of the warranty, but honestly, I have no problems with any of my hdds.

So long as you buy a drive from a Brand you reckognise you won’t go far wrong.

One note on Seagate. They have purchased Maxtor and they have also started a new series of drives, SV is the designation I believe. I have no clear evidence that these drives are lower quality but until further evidence comes out I would stick with the original series.

One note about just buying a “brand” name; I have been buying hard drives for 20 years and some of the biggest lemons have come from brand name companies. Many will recall the IBM “Deathstar”. This is why the warranty period is so important. Any company can turn out a dud from time to time. Buying a brand name is not going to exclude you from problems with the drive, hopefully it will keep you from a total loss if there is any trouble.

When it comes to buying anything mechanical you can never be 100% sure that it’ll be trouble free. You can always have a faulty batch. My point really was as you pointed out, buying from a big brand will give you a safty net.

I have several Maxtor drives, so they and Seagate should make a good merge. Maxtor had great tech support, I bought a bad one on ebay and since it was in the 3 year from manufacture date, they replaced it.


Are all internal hard drives compatible with all external enclosures?