? about uploading & downloading

Hi everyone. This is my first time ever posting anything on a forum. Please bear with me for being dumb. Ive been reading about people getting in trouble for downloading music, then i read where you only get in trouble for uploading. I recently started converting my LP collection to cd. If I leave my captured or recorded LP on my computer in a shared folder does this mean I can get in trouble If someone downloads off me. Sorry, but I just dont know how all this stuff works. Thanks in advance for any help.

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When you see reports mentioning about those downloading music getting in trouble, it is usually due to them sharing out the very music they have downloaded, without realising it. Most file sharing software (also known as P2P software), such as Limewire, BitTorrent, eMule and so on share out downloaded files by default either after they have downloaded or during the download, so even though many users only think they are downloading content using these applications, they may not realise the legal risk they are putting themselves into, particularly once they download several hundred songs.

For example, if someone downloads over 1,000 songs using Limewire with just its default installation & configuration and the user does not move the downloaded songs out of the shared folders, they are essentially sharing out all of these songs each time the user runs Limewire to download further music. Most P2P software also runs the background (in the task tray) and during system start-up, so many novice users may not realise that their downloaded music is still being shared after they assume they have closed out of their software by clicking the ‘X’ button.

If your computer is at home and you do not run any file sharing software, then there is little risk of your music accidentally getting shared out regardless of which folder you place your music on your PC. However, if you or someone else plans on installing a file sharing tool, keep a close eye at the installation screens to make sure you don’t inadvertently share out your transferred music, since many of these tools will give the option of scanning your hard drive for music and other content to share out.

thanks for the quick response sean. i have alot better understanding of how it works now. i just wish there were some (legal) way to share the music i purchased back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s with other people. some of the artists are dead now and im not sure alot of the music can even be purchased at a retail level now. once again thanks.