About updating firmwares and flashing back

Well… i bought a Nec 2500A and i’ve seen several firmwares to updated this drive (herrie for example), and before i start to make any change, i would like to know if there’s any way to flashback to the original firmware of the drive in case that something goes wrong and, if it’s possible, i would like to know the steps to do that (to… copy the original firmware and after any change, put back this original firmware)…

I hope you can understand me and help me :sad:

Thank You :slight_smile:

Yes you can go back to previous fw versions no problem there. For instructions, search through the NEC forum a bit, i believe there might be a windows flasher by now, if memory serves me right.

Just make sure you have the correct firmware version for YOUR burner. It is possible to flash with the incorrect firmware that was created for another burner. Do this, and the chip will not be able to understand that it is getting an update. With that said, most flash programs have an option to create a firmware image. With htis image, you can restore the original firmware.